STARRETT Telescoping Hole Gage Sets


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STARRETT Telescoping Hole Gage Sets

  • Measures the true size of holes, slots and releases from 5/16" to 6".
  • The ends of both contacts are hardened and ground to a radius to allow proper clearance on the smallest hole the gage will enter.
  • Must be slightly "rocked" in the hole being measured to ensure that the tool is on the proper diameter before it is locked and withdrawn.
  • The final hole size is obtained by measuring over the gage contacts with a micrometer

Series 229

  • Features a handle, one rigid contact arm and one spring-tensioned telescoping contact arm

Series 579

  • Similar to the 229 series with a slightly greater range and two telescoping contacts.
  • Handles are rigidly attached to the contact plungers and are automatically self-centering.
  • Constant spring tension give uniform contact pressure.
  • Both plungers are easily locked at any desired setting.