IPA Super MUTT Head Trailer Tester


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IPA Super MUTT Head Trailer Tester

Portable Light and Air Brake Tester

The Super MUTT® Head is a portable, remote controlled diagnostic trailer tester for inspecting lighting, ABS and air brake systems on commercial type trailers. Specially designed for service trucks and offsite inspections, the Super MUTT® Head is powered by an (optional) internal 12v battery, or external power source such as a service truck battery, using the supplied external connector and requires shop air for air brake application. The Super MUTT® Head features the same industry leading diagnostic program as the Super MUTT® Deluxe and Smart MUTT® which instantly identifies crossed, open, shorted circuits, bad grounds, and overloads.

Air Brake Testing

  • Operate air brakes by remote control (100 ft. operating range)
  • Real time, repetitive brake activation to find developing problems and verify leaking servo cans
  • Perform leak down test on service and emergency lines
  • Adjust slackers and measure pushrods using remote control

Electrical System Testing

  • Power lights individually, all at once, via auto scan or remote control
  • Ground failure detection: differentiates between wire and chassis ground
  • Indentify open circuits and cross-wired circuits
  • Pulse power to shorted and overloaded circuits (patented Pulsar® technology)
  • ABS fault codes via Aux and brake circuit activation (i.e.Wabco/BendixTab-6 systems)
  • Amperage readout (0-20 amps)
  • Audible and visual alerts

Remote Control

  • One-man testing
  • Real-time servo on/off engagement
  • Programs multiple remotes; 100 ft. range

Additional Features

  • 7-way “pigtail” cable testing
  • Sync multiple (24) remotes to one unit
  • Internal battery compartment (Fits YAUSA YTX14 or similar battery)
  • Made in the USA


  • Power: 12 or 24 volts DC
  • Air Input: 120 PSI shop air
  • Power Input: Group 31 (or similar battery) or external 12 volt power source
  • Output: 20 amps @ 12v DC
  • Connection Type: 7-way round pin
  • Controls: Manual, remote, automatic
  • Materials: Steel construction


3 remote controls, glad hand hoses, 7-way cable, external power supply cord, battery charger, chassis ground connector, and face shield.