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IPA Fuse Saver Master Kit - 8016

Chase Down Short Circuits Without Blowing Fuses!

The Fuse Saver® Master Kit provides a fast and safe solution for troubleshooting short circuits without blowing fuses or “smoke testing” vehicle electrical systems. This kit includes five resetting, thermal breaker handles, color coded to match the vehicle's fuse sizes. It is designed to stress but not harm electrical circuitry, so the technician can easily find the problem.

Simply plug the Fuse Saver® with its 10 ft. cord directly into the fuse box in place of the troubled circuit’s fuse. When a short is present, the breaker will pop and the user can then manually reset the circuit breaker to reapply power to the circuit and continue testing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Helps install radios, CD players, radar detectors and accessories with ease
  • Allows a technician to move around a vehicle shake testing wires while looking for the short
  • The BuzzAlert™ module plugs in-line to your Fuse Saver® and sounds an alert when the circuit shorts
  • The 6-piece Fuse Box Adapter Kit allows access to a wide variety of fuse boxes: FLF, FLS, JCase, MAXI, Female MAXI, screw-on style pal, European ceramic and all glass-style fuses
  • Made and assembled in the USA


  • 5 Resetting, Color-Matching Thermal Breakers: 5 Amps (orange), 10 Amps (red), 15 Amps (blue), 20 Amps (yellow) and 30 Amps (green)
  • #8011 BuzzAlert™: Audible, Short-Circuit Alert Module
  • #8014 Fuse Box Adapter Kit
  • 6 Custom Fuse-Type Adapters
  • T-type Dual Fuse Adapter on 10 ft. Cable for Mini and Standard Spade Fuses
  • Custom Blow-Molded Case

Individual Parts & Accessories

  • # 8005-5A - 5 Amp Handle
  • # 8005-10A - 10 Amp Handle
  • # 8005-15A - 15 Amp Handle
  • # 8005-20A - 20 Amp Handle
  • # 8005-30A - 30 Amp Handle
  • # 8005-EXT - 10 ft. Extension cable


#8016 Fuse Saver® Master Kit (5-30 Amp)
Package Dimensions L: 9.00" W: 11.50" H: 2.00"
Package Weight 3.5 lbs.
Made in the USA
1 Year Limited Warranty

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.