Edge Pro Tram System with Calibration Gage & Padded Case | Shank Size: 1/2" - 01-000


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Edge Technology

Edge Pro Tram System with Calibration Gage & Padded Case    



  • Tramming is the process of squaring the head of your mill to the table. Most machinists know that if your mill is not trammed properly surface finishes will be poor and parts will not be flat or square.
  • The patent pending Pro Tram by Edge Technology solves all of these problems allowing you to tram your mill quickly and accurately. 
  • To use the Pro Tram simply lower the unit down onto the table and adjust the head until both indicators read the same number. Repeat this process for the opposite axis and you are done.
  • The Pro Tram is also sized perfectly to fit the bed of a 6 inch vise allowing you to tram the head to the vise instead of the table.


EDGE PRO TRAM SYSTEM Graduation: 0.001" | Shank Size: 1/2"