Edge Pro Lathe Gage - 02-000


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Edge Pro Lathe Gage    02-000


  • The Pro Lathe Gage will allow you to set the height of your tools for optimum cutting conditions.
  • With this “Hands Free” design you simply set the gage on the cutter and adjust the tool height until the bubble is centered in the level.
  • This ensures the cutter is accurately placed at the same height as the rotational axis of the spindle
  • Pro Lathe Gage will fit any Lathe. • Recessed design allows boring bars to be easily set.
  • Made from 6061-T6 aluminum with red hard anodize.
  • Precision ball bearing and ground bearing rod (included) are utilized to ensure an accurate reading every time.
  • Typically installed in a collet or 3-jaw chuck on the spindle side of the lathe but it can also be installed in a drill chuck on the end of the tail stock end of the lathe


Edge Pro Lathe Gage - NO STOCK UNTIL JUNE