Edge CNC Lathe Gage - 13-000


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Edge Technology

Edge CNC Lathe Gage  13-000


  • The CNC Lathe Gage by Edge Technology is used to set lathe tools on the spindle axis for optimum cutting conditions.
  • To use this gage first adjust it to match the angle of your slant bed lathe and install the 1/4" shaft in a collet or chuck.
  • Then set one of the contact faces of the gage on the cutting edge of the tool.
  • Next adjust the tool until the bubble is centered in the level.
  • This procedure ensures the cutter is accurately placed on a plane that intersects the rotational axis of the spindle. (Note: it is necessary for the lathe to be leveled for the CNC Lathe gage to work properly)
  • Set turning, boring, and facing tools on spindle axis for optimum cutting conditions
  • Precision glass vial level with 30'/ 2mm sensitivity
  • Cutter contact faces designed to work with tools that have cutting edges facing up as well as facing down
  • Angular adjustability of +/- 60° to match any lathe slant bed angle
  • Hands free design
  • Ground steel shaft supported by dual ball bearings.
  • Durable anodized finish with easy-toread engraved marks
  • Made from high strength aluminum
CNC Lathe Gage