Palmgren Buffer, 6" Wheel - 9682063


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Palmgren Buffer, 6" Wheel - 9682063

Palmgren's buffing machines easily remove scratches and other imperfections, bring out the natural luster of the metal and can effectively clean, finish, polish and buff a wide variety of materials. Each unit is equipped with a strong, powerful motor that supplies the necessary torque for start-up and operation under load.


  • Large diameter armature shaft with shielded bearings for smooth operation
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction for vibration free operation
  • Unit fits Item # 9670101 or Item # 9686000 tool stands


Item # 9682063
Wheel Diameter 6"
HP 1/2
RPM 3450
Shaft Diameter 1/2"
Amps 5.0/2.5
Voltage 120/240

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Buffer - 6" Wheel