Palmgren Air Hydraulic "C" Frame Bench Press - 9661606


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Palmgren Air Hydraulic "C" Frame Bench Press

Max. Work Height: 9.645"

SKU: 9661606

  • Heavy duty cast iron frame ensures precision work
  • Frame design optimizes strength plus provides a smaller foot print while delivering a larger work area,making it ideal for production line applications
  • Open frame allows unlimited part length both front to rear and side to side
  • Ground T-slotted cast iron table makes the mounting of fixtures quick and easy
  • Hydro-Pneumatic operation ideal for short, medium or high production applications
  • Front mounted pressure gauge
  • Remote pressure adjustment easily sets maximum pressure desired
  • A two post guided tool plate to simplify your tooling connection and to support the ram ensuring accuracy and a stable ram movement
  • Manual ram operation - rapid approach, power or pressing stroke, ram return all adjustable permitting accurate control of ram movement
  • Standard ram end utilizes coupler with bored hole and two locking screws for easy and secure tool mounting
  • Resettable parts counter
  • Electric timer to automate the interval between the ram's power stroke and return stroke for production applications
  • Two hand safety circuitry - equipped with dual push start buttons that require both to be engaged before the ram will move and cannot be mechanically by-passed

Theoretical Output (in lbs.) at:

Model # 57 PSI 71 PSI 85 PSI 100 PSI
9661606 5660 7089 8489 9900


Operating Pressure (PSI) 57-100:

Model # Max. Work Height Rapid Stroke Power Stroke Table Area
9661606 9.645" 1.969-3.937" 0.182-.0787" 9.45" x 13.78"


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Air Hydraulic "C" Frame Bench Press - Max. Work Height: 9.645"