Palmgren Arbor Presses


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Palmgren Arbor Presses

Sturdy cast-iron construction. Removable machined steel anvil provides accurate. Rugged steel ram is driven by a machined pinion. Punches or tools may be added to the end of the ram with the aid of a magnetic insert. Base drilled for mounting on a bench or pedestal.

  • Arbor press #61101 is equipped with a hand wheel to perform light and quick press work.
  • Arbor press #61301 show with stand (not included.)
  • Arbor press #61302 Ratcheting 3 Ton Arbor Press allows the operator to maintain the arm in the optimal leverage position with consistent application of force.
  • Arbor press #61302 has more clearance over the table for broaching or pressing large items. It is counter weighed for for rapid handle return and has a quick ram advance via the press's side-mounted hand wheel.
  • Arbor press #70103 press stand provides a sturdy base and optimal height for easy operation. It has a slot on the top for pieces which need to extend below the base of the press table. Stand comes with built cup for catching expressed pieces. Base and top are cast iron with a body of welded steel. Fit all 2-4 ton presses.