Industrial Press Maintenance Work Management Processes - 3330-9


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Industrial Press Maintenance Work Management Processes By Terry Wireman

200 pages, Illustrated

Published: December, 2007

ISBN 9780831133306


For over three decades, Terry Wireman has specialized in the improvement of maintenance and reliability. As an international expert in maintenance management, he has assisted hundreds of clients in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim to improve their maintenance effectiveness. Through a new 10-volume Maintenance Strategy series, the author makes his expertise in the field accessible to industrial and facility organizations everywhere.

The third volume of the series, Work Management Processes, focuses on developing a work management process that will support the maintenance strategy components. It outlines a financially cost effective process that collects the data to use advanced strategies such as RCM and TPM. The text extensively details the maintenance organizational development process and then outlines nine basic work management flows. The nine flows are then detailed and the potential problems with executing the flows are examined along with solutions to the most common problems.

Table of Contents
  • The Business of Maintenance
  • Work Identification Process
  • Emergency – Breakdown Work Process
  • Work Request Process
  • The Simple Planning Process
  • The Complex Planning Process
  • The Preventive Maintenance Process
  • Project Planning Process
  • The Weekly Scheduling Process
  • The Work Closure and Analysis Process
  • Appendix
Maintenance Work Management Processes