INDUSTRIAL PRESS Maintenance Management Auditing - 3267-5


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In Maintenance Management Auditing, Anthony Kelly explains the unique procedure he’s developed for auditing the management of the maintenance of both productive plant and infrastructures: for example, of petrochemical processing installations and of vehicle fleets. Case studies demonstrate the application of this procedure to comprehensive audits of several weeks duration, to ‘fingerprint’ audits taking perhaps a day or so, and to benchmarking exercises.

Industrial managers absorbing the ideas and procedures presented in this book will be better able to audit for themselves their own maintenance departments, or to specify such audits when they are to be undertaken by external consultants. Such investigations will highlight existing problems and identify their causes – a necessary process before embarking on major organizational or system change. 


  • Extensive use of case studies
  • Contains a structured questionnaire of over 1,000 questions that is based on the ideas and concepts of business centered maintenance.
  • Provides a template for the auditing or maintenance management departments through the aide memoir.
Maintenance Management Auditing