Wyler/Fowler Leveltronic NT and Levelmeter 2000


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Wyler/Fowler Leveltronic NT and Levelmeter 2000

The new generation Leveltronic NT with remote display Levelmeter 2000 measures small angles with precision and reliability. Especially designed for use in industrial environments with high humidity. Primary applications are flatness measurement of surface plates and measurement of geometrical errors of machine beds and guideways.


  • Rugged precision aluminum housing for protection against external influences
  • Connection to Levelmeter 2000 #54-845-000 provides external power
  • Bases with magnetic inserts optionally available
  • State of the art digital technology combined with the use of modern electronic components allow signal output in digital or analog form
  • Fulfills CE requirements (immunity against electromagnetic smog)
  • Calibrated in seconds of arc. Models calibrated in mm/m available on request

Levelmeter 2000 allows a number of possible configurations and may be used as a hand-held terminal for digital Wyler levers such as Leveltronic NTs. The large digital display can be adjusted to all commonly used units in inclination measurements.

Levelmeter has two individual measuring channels. Adjust display for following set-up: Single display of channel A or B. Differential mode (A-B). Alternating display of the channels A, B every 5 seconds.

Levelmeter 2000 functions:

  • Automatic setting of absolute zero when using reversal measurement.
  • Preset function of angles & setting of relative zero. Setting of limits and signalling the respective status, exporting the measured values via RS232 port.
  • Power supply: 4 AA 1.5V Alkline batteries (34 hrs). Option: 4 AA 1.2V NiMH rechargeable batteries (20 hrs)
  • External power supply: +12...+ 48 V DC/
  • Power consumption: Batteries 250 mW, external power supply: 500...3000mW

Leveltronic NT specifications:

Sensitivity 0.2 Seconds 1 Seconds 2 Seconds
Display Range ±400 seconds ±2000 seconds ±4000 seconds
Limits of error up to 0.5 fullscale
(DIN 2276)
Maximum 1% of measured value
Limits of error from 0.5 to fullscale (DIN 2276) Maximum 1% of (2* measured value - 0.5* fullscale)
External Display Within maximum 3 seconds
Analog output 1mV equal to 1μm/m
1mV equal to
0.2 Arcseconds
1mV equal to 5μm/m
1mV equal to
1 Arcseconds
1mV equal to 5μm/m
1mV equal to
2 Arcseconds
Digital output RS485 asynchron 9600 Baud, 7 Bit, 2 Stopbits, no parity
Temperature Error 1° C Maximum 0.1% fullscale
External power supply +5V DC, 20mW
Temperature range Operating 0 to 40°C; storage -20 to +70°C