Woodward Fab Tube & Pipe Notcher for 90° Notching


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Woodward Fab

Woodward Fab Tube & Pipe Notcher for 90° Notching


When it comes to Tube and Pipe Fabrication Tools, Woodward Fab is your most reliable partner. Our Tube Notcher products are a one-time investment and require very little maintenance. The portable Tube Notcher can be easily carried to the desired workstation and mounted on any surface or bench vise. Our customers have been using these products for years without any maintenance or performance issues. 

Tube and Pipe Notchers offered by Woodward Fab can be effectively employed for low production notching for up to Schedule 40 pipe. All you need to do is insert the pipe into the corresponding die-size hole and simply pull down the handle. Our Tube Notcher range is competitively priced and your chosen product gets shipped and delivered at your doorstep. This very handy tool is a must-have for repair, maintenance and construction departments.

Please take some time to browse through our various Tube and Pipe Fabrication Tools, and choose one that best meets your requirements.

  • Make Perfect Fit 90 Degree Notches
  • Easy, One-Pull on the Handle will Produce Accurate Saddle Notches for Weld Fit-Up
  • Notch up to Schedule 40 Pipe
  • Portable and Easy to Mount to any Surface or Bench Vise
  • No Set-Up Needed, Simply Insert Pipe into Correct Die Size Hole and Pull Down on the Handle