Wilton Verti-Lock Machine Vises


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Wilton Verti-Lock Machine Vises

Wilton's Verti-Lock Machine Vise has a ductile alloy body with flame hardended bed to provide solid work support, accuracy and longevity. The spindle fully enclosed to protect it from from milling elements and cut from special ally steel, hardened and ground.


  • Ductile alloy vise body with flame-hardened bed provides solid work support, accuracy and longevity
  • Fixed jaw rated at 85,000 PSI strength
  • Annealed, surface-ground sliding jaw rated at 75,000 PSI strength
  • Fully enclosed spindle is protected from milling elements
  • Spindle is cut from special alloy steel, hardened and ground


Item Number 12375 12390 63186
Model 1280N 1250N 1275N
Type of Base Stationary Stationary Stationary
Jaw Width 8" 5" 6"
Opening Capacity Max 7-1/2" 4-1/2" 7-1/2"
Jaw Depth 2-1/4" 1-7/16" 1-3/4"
Jaw Opening 7-1/2" 4-1/2" 7-1/2"
Weight 164 lbs. 50 lbs. 75 lbs.