WILTON Super Precision Milling Machine Vises


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WILTON Super Precision Milling Machine Vises, Model MMV/SP-50, MMV/SP-100, MMV/SP-150

  • Perfect vise for jig boring, grinding and shaping jobs
  • Fully graduated 360° swivel base
  • Vise bodies are constructed of close grained, high tensile seasoned alloy castings
  • Vise body has a premium polychrommatic finish which is scratch and rust proof
  • All ground surfaces made to close tolerances
  • Jaws are hardened and ground which allows the workpiece to be held dead center
  • Hardness of jaws 55 ± 3 HRC
  • Enhances efficiency and improves the life of jaws. Reduces strain on the vise body
  • No jaw tilt or lift
  • 180° horizontal indexing
  • Ergonomically designed all steel handle with spring loaded ball attachment