Walker Automatic Release Controls


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Walker Automatic Release Controls

Touch-pad control allows easy selection of full, residual, variable and release positions.

Automatic release cycle assured workpiece release, freeing machine operator from manual operation.

SCV Series

Manual release chuck control variable holding.
Provides a direct current supply.

Input: 155 VAC, Output: 0-110 VDC


SMART-B Series

Automatic release chuck control. Full, Variable and Residual Holding.
Smart controls are designed to be used with electromagnetic chucks, with an input of 115 VAC, output 0-110 VDC and wattage capacities between 0-500.

  • Touchpad control allows easy selection of full, residual, variable and release positions
  • Automatic release cycle assures workpiece release, while freeing machine operators from manual demagnetizing operations


SMART-D Series

Automatic Release Controls for Wall Mounting

Automatic release chuck control. Full, variable and residual holding.

Input voltages: 208/230/240/380/440/480 VAC, 50/60 Hz


SMART-E Series

For Electropermanent Chucks

SMART-E controls are designed for use with electropermanent chucks with an input of 230 VAC, output of 200 VDC. Wattage capacities between 2000-5000. Available with remote for full variable with automatic release. Optional pendant for uncompensated chucks. Two button with full and release.

** Available with either remote control or pendant switch. Must be determined at time of purchase. Specify which kind you would like in the Additional Comments/Order Instructions section when ordering.


TM - TURBOMILL Chuck Controller


  • 208/240 VAC output
  • 12 ft. DC output cord
  • 24" x 20" x 8" NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Meet NEC and CSA specifications
  • PLC interface capability
  • Operators pendant (remote) with 12 foot cord; full and release function modes


  • 208/600 VAC input
  • Operators pendant (remote) with 12 foot cord; full, release and variable modes. The variable mode is very useful when setting up horizontal spindle machines, and helpful with chip removal.
  • On large machines with multiple chucks, the TM-100V has optional chuck selection that powers only the chuck you need to use.


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