Twister Speed Lathe


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Twister Speed Lathe

Twister Variable Speed Deburring / Polishing Lathe


The standard Twister Speed Lathe LT-1BR comes standard with wide speed range, 5C collet closer and a remote foot switch. Very rapid cycling: 0-2600 RPM in 1 Second, 2600 RPM to a dead stop, 1 second! That means with a collet and small part installed you can start and stop 30 times a minute.

The Twister is a full-featured speed lathe, designed exclusively for quick, single-purpose operations, such as burr removal, polishing, and gaging of small parts with hand-held tools. Rugged and easy to use, it allows work to be performed close to CNC lathe. The Twister's quick setup and rapid cycle time permits processing of parts in less time with less effort.

With a standard speed range from 100 to 2500 RPM, the Twister is ideal for the two most common operations - deburring and polishing (deburring is best done at one-fifth the speed of polishing). A heavy duty foot switch is included as standard equipment and a number of specialized high speed, low speed, and high torque operations are available.


0 - 2600 RPM Speed Range.

 5-C Collet Closer 

Foot Switch

1/2 hp motor

110 Volt Operation, 250 Volts AC Optional

Spindle max. TIR .0015"

Spindle through hole 1.100"

Spindle height 3" with feet

Dimensions 13"W x 10"H x 18"D

Weight 63 pounds