Tri-Lite Loading Dock Guide Light Sets


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Tri-Lite Loading Dock Guide Light Sets

The Brightest Dock Guide Lights Available!

Tri Lite’s new LED Loading Dock Guide Light Set helps to safely and accurately align a truck trailer with the dock door. One hundred bright LEDs per set make these guide lights easily visible, even in daylight! The LEDs are covered by a weatherproof polycarbonate amber housing, a color best suited for contrast and depth perception in mist, fog, and other inclement weather. Rugged and durable for long life, Tri Lite guide lights are resistant to shock and vibration.

An ideal dock safety solution made even better with these key features:

  • Long-life LEDs reduce replacement costs and down time
  • Maintenance free – 5 year limited warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • 120 VAC units are UL and cUL certified
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Made in the USA

LED Guide and Safety Lighting System

The LED Loading Dock Guide Light Set can be combined with Tri Lite "Stop & Go" lights to provide a simple and reliable safety system that reduces the risk of accidents in and around loading docks. LED Guide Lights provide added safety by improving a driver’s depth perception when backing into an open dock. Optimally, the LED set is installed below the dock bumpers, and in view of the mirrors of a typical truck cab to indicate the entrance of the loading dock. The LEDs provide a bright focal point for drivers and reduces the risk of trucks overrunning a dock.

Technical Specifications:

  • * # DGLED-120A: 120 VAC, 60Hz, 70mA
  • * # DGLED-12A: @12 VAC/VDC, 650 mA
                                           @24 VAC/VDC, 330mA
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 15" x 3-5/8" x 2-3/4"
  • Easy installation on any vertical surface
  • No separate power supply required for AC units
  • DGLED-12 units connect directly to AC/DC power supply (12-24V)
  • Easily activated by any on/off switch, control relay, or permanent power supply

* Electrical rating is per single DGLED fixture.

Benefits of LEDs

  • Use less power, 5X brighter than incandescent models
  • Brighter LEDs mean higher visibility and a safer loading dock
  • LEDs are rugged; no fragile filaments or glass parts to break
  • Virtually maintenance free – 5 year limited warranty on the LED’s