Toolex ReLock Double Station Vises with Machinable Soft Jaws


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Toolex ReLock Double Station Vises with Machinable Soft Jaws

Bodies are manufactured from 80,000 PSI ductile cast iron, and ways are flame hardened and ground to accuracies of +/-.0005.

Outside carrier jaws manufactured from high quality aluminum material.

ReLock® Modular Workholding System

The ReLock Vise System combines high manufactured tolerances with unequalled versatility in providing two-station and eight-station production vises. ReLock CNC vises, available with machinable soft jaws, hard jaws, master jaws and parallels, or fixture plates, allow the machinist a variety of configurations with the same vise. Bodies are manufactured from 80,000 PSI ductile cast iron, and ways are flame hardened and ground to accuracies of +/- .0005. Manual and hydraulic two-station and eight-station vises are available in widths of 4”, 6” and 8.

  • Reduce setup times: The system’s SnapLock feature allows you to change or index jaws in a matter of seconds.
  • Extremely versatile: Offers the most comprehensive array of jaws and accessories available for vertical or horizontal machining applications.
  • Accurate and durable: Designed and precision manufactured from high grade materials to meet today’s extreme accuracy and durability requirements.

Features and Benefits:

Optimized table space

  • Compact modular design allows a multitude of mounting configurations. Vises can be mounted close together without hindering removal or attachment of jaws.

Auto Offset Mechanism

  • Exclusive automatic offset mechanism allows nonsimultaneous work piece clamping and unclamping to one of three optional offset settings: 4” and 6”: .030”, .125”, or .250”; 8”: .125”, .250”, or .375.” The offset setting is the distance the rear jaw backs away from the work piece before the front jaw begins to back away from the work piece.

Locating and Mounting

  • Locating and mounting options are simple and accurate. The bottom surface of the system has four precision dowel pin holes for locating and four drilled and counter bored holes drilled through from the top surface for rugged mounting. Side toe clamp slots are also incorprated for mounting.

SnapLock Knuckle

  • Exclusive SnapLock Knuckle allows SnapLock soft jaws and SnapLock carrier jaws to be attached and removed in seconds. The knuckle’s angle notch engages with the jaw’s pressure pin, eliminating jaw deflection.

ReLock Chip Shields

  • ReLock’s unique three-piece telescoping chip shield wraps completely around the SnapLock knuckles, keeping chips from getting into the vise’s clamping mechanism. Shields can be quickly and easily removed for maintenance purposes.

Center Jaw Location

  • The ReLock's center jaw locating studs allow quick jaw mounting and indexing to accuracies of +.0005". Fool-proof pin eliminates the possibility of the jaws being accidentally mounted in reverse.

Single Station Conversion Plate

  • Used in conjunction with SnapLock carrier jaws, the conversion plate allows the ReLock system to be converted from a double to a single station vise – ideal for larger work pieces.


Model RWS4002SJ RWS6002SJ RWS8002SJ
Item Number RWS-400 RWS-600 RWS-800
Vise Size 4 in 6 in 8 in
Type Double Station Vise Double Station Vise Double Station Vise
Total Height (A) 2.500 in 3.250 in 4.000 in
Total Width (B) 4.000 in 6.000 in 8.000 in
Total Length (C) 16.000 in 20.500 in 28.500 in
Hole Spacing - Across A (D) 3.000 in 4.000 in 6.000 in
Hole Spacing - Across B (E) 3.000 in 5.000 in 6.000 in
Hole Spacing A (F) 9.000 in 12.000 in 16.000 in
Hole Spacing B (G) 10.000 in 10.000 in 14.000 in
Groove Width (H) 0.375 in 0.562 in 0.625 in
Groove Position (J) 0.500 in 0.750 in 0.750 in
Groove Depth (K) 0.190 in 0.250 in 0.312 in
L 5/16/2018 3/8/2016 1/2/2013
Hole Diameter A (M) 0.501 in 0.501 in 0.751 in
Hole Depth A (N) 0.560 in 0.630 in 0.900 in
Material Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron
Clamping Pressure 0 to 6000 lb 0 to 12000 lb 0 to 16000 lb
Holding Force [Max] 0 to 6000 lbs 0 to 12000 lbs 0 to 16000 lbs
Weight 33.00 lb 68.00 lb 110.00 lb

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Package includes:

  • Double Station Vise and 3-piece Machinable Soft Jaw Set
  • Handle and tool kit (pry wrench and hex wrenches)