TESATRONIC TWIN-T10 Probe Display Unit


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TESA Brown & Sharpe

TESATRONIC TWIN-T10 Probe Display Unit - 04430013

Portable Display for Inductive Probe

Compact and heavy-duty instrument designed for the shop-floor.

TWIN-T10 portability provides great operational flexibility on the shop-floor. A robust internal battery provides up to 400 hours of continuos use, virtually eliminating concerns over unplanned downtime.

The carefully designed user interface supports a positive user experience and helps prevent operating errors. A large, high contrast display makes it easy to read measured results and wide input keys provide a crisp tactile response to the users touch.

The high-quality elastomer overmolding features a softtouch finish, making the instrument wear-resistant and comfortable to hold. Superior protection against dust and particles in production and assembly areas in ensured thanks to its IP63 rating.

The large high-contrast display and the shape of the analogue scale have been specifically designed to visualize easily slight variations in form or to detect turnaround point.

TWIN-T10 is particularly suitable for straightness, run-out, form or geometry evaluation during fine adjustment, alignment or fitting of mechanical parts.

Application Examples:

  • Squareness adjustment of the Z-axis of a machine
  • Alignement of guide rail to the marble bench
  • Centering of a part on machine-tool
  • Measurement of parallelism and perpendicularity


  • Autonomous instrument used during assembly, on an inspection workstation of a production line, for final inspection or directly on a machine on the shop floor
  • Frequently used with a GT 31 lever probe for geometry measurements: form tolerances (straightness, flatness etc.) or orientation tolerances (parallelism, perpendicularity, etc.)
  • Function TOL for measurements with tolerances
  • Memory function for values MAX, MIN or MAX-MIN for dynamic measurements
  • Function for zero-setting of the display, for easy comparative measurements with a reference part
  • Special ZOOM mode for a more detailed visualization of the analogue scale. This mode simplifies the alignment and fine adjustement during assembly.
  • 4 or 7 measuring ranges from ± 5 µm to ± 5 mm, or switchable automatically depending on the measured value
  • Access to functions by direct keys
  • Millimetre/inch conversion
  • 1 probe signal input
  • Power supply by standard AA batteries
  • RS232 digital output (TLC connector)

Technical Data:

Order number 04430013
Function Display for TESA Inductive Probe
Number of probe entry 1
Display scales ± 5, ± 2 mm
± 500, ± 200 μm
± 50, ± 20 μm
± 5 μm
Auto Range
± 250 ± 100 in/1000
± 25 ± 10 in/1000
± 2.5 ± 1.0 in/1000
± 0.25 in/1000
Auto Range
Resolution 1 0,1 μm 0.010 0.005 in/1000
Functions Zeroing (Offset)
+A, -A
MAX, MIN or MAX-MIN memorization value
Measurement with tolerances
Unit Metric (mm, μm) or inch (in/1000)
Autonomy 340 – 400 hours
IP rating IP63

Deviation span of indication *

≤ 1% of the measuring scale

Drift of zero point on the full measuring range *

≤ ± 0,005% / °C
Response time ≤ 100 ms
Frequency limit 10 Hz (relative to the input signal)
Oscillator frequency 13 kHz
Digital output RS232 through TLC connector
Data format 7 bits ASCII code
Power supply 4x AA LR6 batteries
Assigned operating T°C + 20 °C ± 1
Operating T°C range +10 to +40 °C
Storage T°C range -10 to +60 °C
EMC compatibility according to 2004/108/EC
according to EN 61326-1 annex A
RoHS 2

according to 2011/65/EU
according to EC 1907/2006
according to 2002/96/EC
Dimensions 170 x 100 x 38 mm
Weight 410 g / 500 g
Delivery contents TWIN-T10, user manual, 4x AA batteries