Tennsmith Air & Hydraulic Shears


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Tennsmith Air & Hydraulic Shears

  • TENNSMITH’s power shears combine all of the features of our foot shears with the advantage and convenience of air or hydraulic operation. TENNSMITH power shears are a productive addition to any shop. The air shears utilize heavy-duty, tie rod-type pneumatic cylinders, which provide up to 40 strokes per minute in capacity materials.
  • A foot-operated air valve control, pressure regulator, air gauge, oiler/condenser cups and neoprene, padded holddown feet are standard features. We recommend a maximum air supply of 75 psi for operating these shears at rated capacity. Where air supply pressures exceed 75 psi, an in-line regulator is helpful to provide pressure control
  • The model TN-52H cycles at 45 strokes a minute, thanks to its first class hydraulic system. The hydraulic unit is of a low maintenance design featuring a solenoid actuated valve, 2-hp electric motor, self-contained pump in tank with pressure gauge, check valve and industrial quality cylinders. The motor is protected by a magnetic starter.
  • Other electrical safety features include a low voltage on/off switch; low voltage, shrouded, electric foot switch; step-down transformer with low voltage circuit fuse; fully enclosed electrical box; and insulated reinforced conduit for all wiring.
  • All shears are standard, equipped with highcarbon/high-chromium (HCHC) blades.
  • Standard equipment includes back gauge, front extension arms with stop, bevel gauge, graduated side gauges, foot control and neoprene padded holddown feet.