Suburban T-Slotted Square Column Pallet Fixtures


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Suburban Tool

Suburban T-Slotted Square Column Pallet Fixtures

  • These pallet fixtures, also known as tombstones, tombstone fixtures or tooling blocks, have standard 5/8 t-slots, that provide for quick and easy set-ups.
  • Made from one-piece, class 40 cast iron that has been stress-relieved.
  • Base and sides milled flat, parallel & square to 0.001" in 12".
  • DIN mounting standard, JIS mounting optional.
  • All have drilled and tapped lifting holes in the top surface and coolant drain holes at the base of the column.
  • T-slot spacing in 5" pattern for standard mounting of most workholding devices.
  • A large number of standard size castings in stock.
  • Other materials available on request.
  • 5/8"-11" tapped lifitng holes standard.