Suburban Sine Vises


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Suburban Sine Vises:
  • Provides a quick and accurate means of holding a workpiece at an angle for grinding or inspection.
  • Angled center channel provides extra holding capacity.
  • Solid, one-piece body.
  • Made from steel, hardened to Rc 58-60.
  • Movable jaw pulls into base at 45 to 60° to insure maximum holding power and hold down force, eliminating tilting and lifting.
  • Dual 0.200" minute steps built into the gage roll allow setting small angles with standard gage blocks.
  • SV-337 models have small horizontal and vertical vees in the movable jaw and a ratchet mechanism with notched pockets and a one-piece drawbar.
  • One locking strap included with each sine vise.
  • SineSet models bolt directly to a SineSet sine plate or compound sine plate of the same series. S1 models also bolt to the AP-664-S1 90° conversion plate.