Suburban Sine Plate System Sets


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Suburban Sine Plate System Sets


  • A complete sine system through uniquely designed precision tools with "memory" holes.
  • All tools can be bolted on, parallel and perpendicular to the hinges, in a multitude of different ways, without clamps and with little or no indicating.
  • Tools can be used individually or in the sine system.
  • Made of quality steel, hardened to Rc 58-62.

Standard Pole Features:

  • Produces deeps flux lines for holding thick parts.
  • Ceramic magnets will not lose power.
  • Sealed against dirt and liquids.

Fine Pole Features:

  • 1/8" poles and 1/8" seperators produce shallow flux lines for holding small and thin parts.
  • Chucks use ceramic magnets for superior holding power that never fades.
  • Sealed against dirt and liquids.
  • Side rail, back rail and two clamps included.

See SineSet® Compatibility Chart