Suburban Round Permanent Magnetic Chucks


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Suburban Tool

Suburban Round Permanent Magnetic Chucks

Standard Pole - For Holding Large and Thick Work Pieces
Fine Pole - For Holding Small and Thin Work Pieces


  • Made in U.S.A.
  • For efficient holding of magnetic work pieces on grinders, lathes, and other machines with rotating spindles.
  • Permanent, ceramic magnets for superior holding power, never lose their strength.
  • Top plate is laminated from steel and stainless steel, furnace brazed into one solid piece and precision ground.
  • Top plate can be drilled, tapped or machined to three-fourths of its thickness (approx. 5/8"), if necessary, to allow the use of dowel pins or other mechanisms as locating devices.
  • Back surface of the aluminum chuck body has tapped holes and turned counterbore for convenient mounting on machines.
  • “Partial-On” for holding parts prone to distortion.
  • Removable on-off handle.
  • All models except 5-1/2" dia. which uses the swing-type on-off method, are watertight.