Suburban "Masterview" 14" Optical Comparator With Erect Image


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Suburban's own MV-14-DRO2 3-axis digital readout with:
Part view to show the relationship between all part features.
5.7" LCD screen.
Direct measurement of circles, arcs, angles, points, lines, distance, perpendicularity, parallelism and slots.
Part programming.
Auto-enter, looping and auto-finish.
360º digital protractor.
Multiple languages.
Output to PC or printer.
Inch/Metric conversion.
Skew capability.
1 micron glass scales.
Display reads to 0.0001"
Two long-life tungsten-halogen light sources.
Extra bright surface illumination through duplex fiber optics.
Individual switches select profile, surface or combination surface and profile illumination modes.
High capacity 4" x 8" travel stage with 4-1/2" x 19" work surface.
Ball way construction handles loads to 100 lbs.
Heavy duty monorail type, welded steel frame.
Rotary frosted glass screen with 90º crosslines and 360º protractor markings.
Verier readings to 5 arc minutes.
10 power lens system (20 & 50 X optional)
Edge detection is standard.
Screen mounted overlay chart clips.
Weighs 235 lbs.
Measures 46-1/2" long x 22-1/2" wide x 35-1/2" high.