SPI Zoom Comparator


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SPI Zoom Comparator

  • Continuous zooming magnification from 8X to 16X with click stops at 8X, 10X, 12X, 14X and 16X
  • Field of view: 0.788" to 0.394" dia.
  • Size: 2.56" x 1.77" dia.
  • Diopter adjustment ring: +2.5D to – 5D
  • Reticle with 0.005"/0.1mm graduation included, 1-3/8" dia. reticle 40-241-2 to 40-253-7 listed with 10X Comparators also fit.

8x to 16x Magnification Zoom Comparator

Type Hand-Held Zoom Comparator
Magnification 8x-16x
Diameter 1.77"
Field of View 0.788" to 0.394"
SPI Part Number 40-138-0