SPI Shank Nylon Brushes


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SPI 1/4" Shank Nylon Brushes


  • Use with all hand drills and flex shafts.
  • Ten times the life of a wire brush.
  • Nylon bristles are impregnated with aluminum oxide all the way through.
  • Cleaning & polishing for metal, wood, brick, cement, tiles and stones. Coarse for aggressive removal & cleaning or medium/fine for medium cleaning & polishing.
  • Does not shed bristles.
  • Will not lose shape.
  • Does not pick hands.
  • Non-clogging - can be washed with water
  • Unaffected by moisture.
  • Never loses abrasive power.
  • Cleans without scratches or damage.

Nylon Cup Brushes

  • Use to clean large areas of metal surface, remove weld scale, rust, old paint and corrosion.
  • Give metal an excellent surface for painting.
  • Also good for light cleaning & polishingon large areas of metal.

Nylon and Brushes

  • Excellent for spot work and hard to reach areas.
  • Diameter: 3/4"