SPI Crown Mold Release & Mold Cleaner


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SPI Crown Mold Release & Mold Cleaner

3%General Purpose Silicone

Contains solvents,pure silicone and
chemically inert propellant.
Will not carbonize,melt,freeze or gum.
Resists breakdown under mechanical
shear and heavy loads.
For use with acrylics,cellulosics,ABS resins,
polystyrenes,polyesters,rubber and melamines.
Temp up to 500 °F.
Container size:20 oz.,Net fill:18 oz.

98-895 -6 General Prupose Silicone #3223


Safe for a Variety of Plastics,Natural and
Synthetic Rubber Compounds
Parts may be decorated with all types of solvent
based paints,enamels and lacquers.
For use with plastics (methacrylate and acrylic),
phenolics,nylon,polycarbonate (Lexan),polyester,
polyvinyl,polystyrene and polypropylene.
Container size:20 oz.,Net fill:15 oz.

98-899 -8 Paintable #3260

Lecithin Mold Release

Soy bean based lubricant.Instant lubrication.
No CFC ’s,fast,evaporating,stays on
the mold surface.
Easy to clean.
Container size:20 oz.,Net fill:18 oz.

98-964 -0 Lecithin Mold Release #3252

Mold Cleaner

Quickly clean metal molds used for
mold injection manufacture.
Does not interfere with mold process.
Evaporates quickly.
Leaves no resolve.
Container size:16 oz.,Net fill:10.5 oz.

98-911 -1 Mold Cleaner #3095

Note:D.O.T.Regulated.Shipped via ground freight
only.No UPS Cosignee or Collect shipments.