Suburban Round Magnetic Chuck, Fine Pole, 7-3/4" - RMC-8FP


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Fine Pole
27 lbs.

Suburban Tool

Suburban Round Magnetic Chuck, Fine Pole, 7-3/4" - RMC-8FP

Round Permanent Magnetic Chucks

  • Ideally suited for holding magnetic workpieces on I.D. grinders and other machinery requiring a rotating chuck.

  • Ceramic magnets provide superior holding power that never fades and require no electrical controls or collector rings.

  • Thick top plates are laminated from steel and stainless steel, then furnace brazed into one solid piece. The top plates can be drilled and tapped in places to three quarters of their thickness, if necessary.

  • All models, except the RMC-5, which uses the swing-type on-off method, are sealed against water and other elements.

  • Back surface of aluminum chuck body has tapped holes (D) and a turned counterbore (B) for convenient mounting to your machine.

  • Removable on-off handle included with each chuck.

  • STANDARD POLE: 1/4" poles and 1/8" separators produce deep flux lines for holding large and thick parts. (RMC-15 and RMC-20 have 3/8" poles and 3/8" separators).

  • FINE POLE: 1/8" poles and 1/8" separators produce shallow flux lines for holding small and thin parts.


Fine Pole
MODEL # A B C D E WT (#)
RMC-8-FP 7-3/4" 4" x 3/16" 5" (4) 3/8-16 2-15/16" 27

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