Precise 5C Collet Index Fixture


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Precise 5C Collet Index Fixture


  • Rapid opening and closing is performed with a leverage ration of 100 to 1
  • Convenient ratchet mounted on front of spindle provides rapid indexing.
  • Index plate has 24 index locations (15" increments).
  • Threaded Spindle is Hardened & Ground 2-1/4" - 8 TPI
  • Accepts all 5C collets


Dividing Spindle Concentricity .0002"
Cylindrical center bore (part 1) concentricity .0008"
Spindle center line parallelism .0008"
Base to face squareness .0008"
Center slot to dividing spindle concentricity .0008"
Lateral offset of central slot to dividing spindle .0008"