PM Research Steam Engine Bore 1" Stroke 1 1/2" Double Acting


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Long a mainstay of the Pennsylvania and New York oil fields, these engines can still be found in use today, although most have been converted to halfbreed gas engines.

This 1/8 scale replica has a 12" overall length and a 6 1/2" diameter flywheel. The kit comes complete with 18 sand castings, all the brass bar stock, gasket material, screws, etc. required and complete working drawings.

This kit is a machinist's delight no matter whether you are a pro or an amateur. The satisfaction of seeing this engine run with all its moving parts operating is reward enough, but watching the fascination of others who see it work is truly gratifying.

Kit includes set of 18 easy machining bronze and iron castings, all necessary hardware, gasket material, brass bar stock and complete set of working drawings.

Weight 7.30 lbs