Pinzbohr Boring Head Holders


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Pinzbohr Boring Head Holders

  • For BohrSTAR Boring Kits.
  • This exclusive, modular coupling system features two, tapered locking screws that provide maximum rigidity between the boring head and the toolholder to increase accuracy.
Model No. CT-340-54-120  CT-340-54-160 R8-54-110 
Shank Type CAT Shank  CAT Shank  Taper Shank
Shank Style Drawbar End  Drawbar End  Drawbar End
Taper CAT 40  CAT 40  R8
Drawbar Thread 5/8" -11  5/8" -11  7/16"-20
Projection 3.00"  4.57"  4.33"
Projection After Assembly 5.59"  7.17"  4.33"
Weight 3.65 lbs.  5.1 lbs.  2.3 lbs.

For Use with Pinzbohr Boring Head Kits Click Here