Phase II Vibration Calibrator - DVM-1600


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The DVM-1600 vibration calibrator is an integrated shaker type calibrator system that is designed to test accelerometers, vibration monitoring equipment and recording systems. The DVM-1600 vibration calibrator provides a known and controlled RMS vibration for verification of accelerometers weighing up to 150g.

Vibration Calibrator Specifications:

Operating Frequency 159.2Hz +/-0.5%
Acceleration Output 10M/s² (RMS) +/-3%
Velocity Output 10mm/s (RMS) +/-3%
Displacement Output 10µm (RMS) +/-4%
Transverse Output <5%
Distortion <3%
Max Load 150g
Operating Temp 15°F - 105°F
Ramp up Time <3 Seconds
Internal Battery 1-9V 6F22
Size 56mm x 200mm
Weight 2lbs
Phase II Vibration Calibrator