PBA Air Powered Front Mount 5C Collet Chucks - ATL-206


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PBA Pratt Burnerd

PBA Air Powered Front Mount 5C Collet Chucks - ATL-206

No Draw-Tube or Air Feed Tubes Required

  • No hydraulic system required.
  • No draw tube or air feed tubes restricting spindle bore.
  • No rear cylinders and cylinder adapters.
  • Easily convert any lathe or grinder into a production machine.
  • Ideal for rotary table applications.
  • Change form collet chuck to standard chuck quick and easy.
  • High speed 5000 RPM.
  • High accuracy less then .001" TIR.
  • Repeats on duplicate parts plus minus .00015".
  • Dead length design.
  • Lever or foot pedal actuated.
  • Low maintenance with mist lubrication system.
  • High resistance to coolant and chip penetration.
  • Available in A, D, L, 4 degrees, threaded and straight recess mounting.


Screw hole dia: 9mm (0.35") x 4
Collet type: 5C collets
Max. RPM: 5000
Sleeve stroke: 4mm (0.16")
Air pressure: 3-8kg/cm (42-114 psi)
Through hole dia: 26mm (1.06")
Chuck weight: 10kg (22 lbs)
Grip force: 10,500 lbs @ 100 psi

Choice of Mount: (Please specify which type you want in the Order Instructions/Comments section at checkout)


  • DI-3, DI-4, D1-5
  • D1-6, DI-8, A4, A5, A6, A8
  • 2-1/4"-8, 4º taper
  • 2-3/16"-10, 2-3/8-6


  • 2 filter bars
  • 2 air hoses
  • 1 fixing bracket for hoses
  • 1 FC collet wrench
  • 1 hex key
  • Mounting bolts
  • User manual

Also Available for 16C collets and B42 collet (Inquire)

Air Powered Front Mount 5C Collet Chucks w/ Mount - Specify