Palmgren Precision Built Bench Vises


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Palmgren Precision Built Bench Vises

The Palmgren combination bench and pipe vises house a super strong power tunnel with straight-line pull that assures a lifetime spindle and nut. A precision fit of the slide bar eliminates side play and jaw wobble, even when
clamping with the jaws wide open.

Vise spindle and nut are completely enclosed in a square tube casting to protect them from dust, chips, and moisture. 60,000 psi ductile alloy stress parts - practically indestructible & 70% stronger than u-shaped styles. Vises have the throat depth to meet toughest job requirements.

Reinforced anvils to handle addition non-clamping applications. Swivel base, dual lock downs, and 4 point mounting holes deliver secure clamping.

Vises are ideal for maintenance applications, tool and die shops, fabrication shops, automotive garages, tradesmen, and construction sites. Vises can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • 60,000 PSI ductile castings
  • Sealed construction
  • Straight line pull power tunnel design
  • Precision fit slide bar to 0.003"
  • Large anvil
  • Replaceable serrated steel jaws
  • Replaceable pipe jaws
  • 360 degree swivel base with dual lock downs
  • Lifetime warranty