Palmgren Dust Extractor


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Palmgren Dust Extractor - 9686001

Palmgren's space saving cabinet dust extractor is designed for industrial work that creates dust that requires immediate filtration. Since grinding dust has the capacity to spread throughout a work environment quickly, the only foolproof way to keep it under control is to eliminate the dust at the workstation. Creating a work environment that provides the ability to capture the grinding and deburring dust at the source, is the key to safe prevention.


  • Cabinet self-contained filtration system designed to efficiently remove and filter dust, small metal chips and other contaminants
  • Cabinet has single 3" port connection
  • Optional dual port connector so two machines can be connected to unit
  • Flame retardant filter bag with metal collection drum deflects sparks and captures particles preventing dust from escaping into the air
  • Furnished with an additional cleaning filter made up of non-toxic filtration material to additionally filter all the air before it escapes from the cabinet back into the workplace
  • All Palmgren grinders and buffers can be coupled to this efficient dust extractor

DIMENSIONS: 25.6" L x 25.6" W x 55.1" H



Item # 9686001
Horse Power 1 HP
Volts 230
Phase 3
Amps 3.6
Motor Speed (RPM) 3500
Max CFM 400
Velocity FPM 14,020
Weight 120 lbs.

Optional Accessories:

9686002 Dual Port Connector