Nes 3 External Thread Repair Tool


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Nes 3 External Thread Repair Tool

M35 - M152
1-3/8" - 6"


  • The tool V-shaped thread seat is narrower - to reduce the gap between the blades to the tool sides.
  • In cases of stepped shaft where the thread diameter is smaller then the shaft, Nes3 can fix up-to the last 3mm from thread end.
  • The tool is smaller in width (35mm) and weight (1.80 kg).
  • Nes3 Maximum diameter is larger than before, up-to 152mm (6")
  • Nes3 new multi-teeth cutting blades are treating the thread to its best performance
  • The combination of multi-teeth cutting blade with Keyway Skip Accessory makes your repairing outcome easy and perfect even on threads with keyway.

Keyway Skip Accessory:

Providing a new dimension to Nes 3, This accessory enables the versatile re-threader to glide over Keyway, Slots, Grooves or channels. For repairing damage threaded shafts with slots for key or tab washer, choose the appropriate addition cutter for best results.

# 03101 - Keyway Skip accessory for fine threads (Finer than 2.5mm or 10 TPI)

# 03104 - Keyway Skip accessory for coarse threads (Coarser than 2.5mm or 10 TPI)