Monarch Instrument VBX Vibration Strobe Portable Stroboscopes


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Monarch Instrument

Monarch Instrument VBX Vibration Strobe Portable Stroboscopes

The Vibration-Strobe (vbx) kit has an operating range of 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute. Is uniquely designed to provide precise, instantaneous synchronization to a number of data collectors and FFT analyzers triggered by an accelerometer. Built for portable applications, the vbx is the perfect lightweight phase analysis tool. The vbx allows for the measurement of phase without stopping the machinery to install reflective tape. Phase analysis is quick and accurate using the Filter Bandwidth Selector and the Relative Phase Adjustment. Unique "Tracking Filter" maintains phase lock to input pulse. The vbx can power and be triggered by accelerometers with or without data collectors.

VBX Kit includes:

  • Vibration Strobe Kit 115/230V (without interface cables)

VBX 2120 Kit includes:

  • Vibration Stroboscope CSI 2120 Kit 115/230V for model 2120 Data Collector. Includes interconnect cables.

VBX 2130 Kit includes:

  • Vibration Stroboscope CSI 2130 Kit 115/230V for model 2130 Data Collector. Includes interconnect cables.

VBX SKF Kit includes:

  • Vibration Strobe Kit 115/230V for SKF CMVA data Collectors. Includes interconnect cables.

All models include:

  • Stroboscope w/ PSC-pbxU power supply/recharger, 115/230Vac, spare lamp and CA-4046-6 accelerometer cable in deluxe water tight o-ring gasketed latching carrying case.


  • Flash rates from 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute, adjustable in 1 FPM increments. The all digital, crystal controlled microprocessor keeps readings rock steady. 
  • VBX 115 Kit (shown above) includes carry case, spare lamp and 3 hour fast charger along with cable to specified vibration data collector. (consult factory)
  • Selectable tracking filter allows for solid phase reading.
  • Individual input and output TTL jacks for providing signals to remote data collectors from accelerometer.
  • Relative Phase Adjustment is user selectable allows reference mark to be positioned at a convenient visual location.
  • Backlit alphanumeric LCD display shows flash rate in flashes per minute.


Flash Range 30-50,000 FPM (Flashes per Minute) 0.5-830 FPS (Flashes per Second or Hz)
Accuracy 0.004% of setting or +/- 1 lsd / 0.01 FPM
Digital Adjustment Knob 36 detents per revolution and blinking decade selection
Flash Rate Resolution (internal triggering) 0.01 to 1.0 FPM (Menu Selectable)
Indicators Battery Level, On Target, Time, Auto, Alt, Tach, Lock, and EXT icons
Operating Time 2 hours typical @1800 FPM (operates continuously on AC power)
Phase Delay - Degrees 0.1 to 359.9 degrees
Tracking Filter Selectable Wide and Narrow Bandwidths. Filtoer may not lock below 100 FPM
Time Delay 0.01 to 1000 msec.
Virtual RPM (Slow Motion) 0-200 VRPM
Flash Energy (Typical) 230 mJoule up to 3450 FPM
Flash Duration (Typical) 10-25 microseconds
Average Power _ Watts 11Watts @ 3000 FPM; >13Watts @ 3450 FPM
Tachometer Mode 5-250,000 RPM from external trigger
External Input (1/8" phone plug) Input Pulse - 0.5 usec min, TTL to 24V max (1/8" phone plug)
Trigger Output/Remote Sync (Typical) 3.3V TTL Compatible 40 usec pulse-Positive/Negative
Power Internal rechargeable NiMH batteries
Weight 1.9 Lbs. (0.852 kg) including batteries

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