Mitutoyo Gage Block Comparator GBCD-100A - 565-160A


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Mitutoyo Gage Block Comparator GBCD-100A

The GBCD-100A Automatic Gage Block Comparator is an easy-to-operate dualhead type gage block inspecting system. It automatically compares workpieces with a standard gage block and determines accuracies of such as central length, maximum length, minimum length, and parallelism through the operation of an optional personal computer.

Standard Accessories:

  • GBPAK-A (software)

Optional Accessories:

  • 516-146-E1: Gage block set for GBCD calibration


Model No. GBCD-100A
Order No. 565-160A
Resolution 0.00001mm (0.01μm) / .000001"
Range 0.5mm - 100mm / .02 - 4"
Measuring unit Differential (dual-head) type Mu-Checker
Accuracy in narrow range (20°C) ±(0.03+0.3L/1000)μm*
L = Gage block length (mm)
Measuring force Upper gage head: 1N (100gf)
Lower gage head: 0.6N (60gf)
Air requirement 400kPa (4kgf/cm2)
Operating condition Temperature: 20°C ±1°C
Humidity: 58%RH ±15%RH
Dimensions (W x D x H) Main unit: 710 x 366 x 783mm
Electronic unit: 160 x 410 x 382mm
Mass Main unit: 120kg
Electronic unit: 14kg

* 95% confidence interval (not including the calibration error of the standard gage block).

Mitutoyo Gage Block Comparator GBCD-100A