Mitutoyo D-EV Display Unit - 02ADD400


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Mitutoyo D-EV Display Unit - 02ADD400

  • Display unit for the EV counter.
  • Allows set-up of EV counter without a personal computer or other equipment.
  • Able to display each gage measurement value and GO/NG judgment result, total GO/ NG judgment result for all gages, setting details, and errors.
  • You can connect up to six gauges, and by using the RS Link function, you can connect up to 10 EV Counters to one PC.
  • Multi-point measuring systems with a maximum of 60 gauges can be configured.
  • You can select several different output modes, including I/O output for tolerance judgement and Segment output, BCD data output and RS-232C output.


Order No 02ADD400
Number of connections 1 EV counter per unit
Number of digits Sign plus 6 digits (8 digits internal to EV counter)
LED display Channel display (also for judgment result display): 3 (3-color LED)
Measurement mode display (current data, maximum value, minimum value, runout): 2
Status display: 1 (2 colors)
Operation switches 4
Function of operation switch Channel switching, measurement mode switching (current data, maximum value, minimum value, runout), parameter setting, presetting, tolerance setting
Input/output RS Link connectors: 1 each for IN, OUT
Error message Overspeed, gage error etc.
Power supply Terminal block (M3 screw), 12 - 24V DC, 200mA
Operating temperature (humidity) range 0 to 40°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)
Storage temperature(humidity) range –10 to 50°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)
External dimensions 96(W)×48(H)×84.6(D)mm
Mitutoyo D-EV Display Unit