KwikMark Mini-Vises


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KwikMark Mini-Vises

Engineered Tag and Small Part Vise

The Mini-Vise is designed to streamline your nameplate and tag marking operation using a precision vise that supports and gently clamps and holds down your product during the marking operation.

Available in two sizes:

  • MV-44 (4” x 4”)
  • MV-64 (6” x 4”)

Important Features:

  • Designed for thin product
  • Floating moveable jaw
  • Tapered jaws (both) to “hold down”
  • Fits onto optional T Slot table
  • Adjustable slotted base mount
  • Ergonomic twist knob clamping
  • Ideal for delicate aluminum tags
  • High wear bronze nut block
  • Removable stationary jaw
  • Full back-up support of product