Kinetronics Laptop/Portable DVD Screen Cleaning Kit - K-LSK


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Kinetronics Laptop/Portable DVD Screen Cleaning Kit - K-LSK

  • Safely Removes Fingerprints, Dirt & Grime
  • Improves & Sharpens Screen Image Quality
  • Removes Static Charges from TFT and Soft Screens

The Kinetronics Laptop Screen Cleaning Kit (LSK) is specifically engineered to easily, safely and effectively removes contaminants that laptop and portable DVD screens collect in their daily use.

The Kit contains an Aqueous Cleaning Solution (ACS) that is compatible with the soft screen surfaces found on modern portable computers and DVD Players. This solution is water based, alcohol free, PH neutral and highly filtered. Surfactants have been added to remove finger oils and other contaminants without harming the delicate front surface of LCD and TFT displays. ACS comes in an easy to use, vapor-spray dispenser that produces a fine mist to conserve solution and produce an even application.

The LSK also contains an anti-static microfiber Panther Cloth (MPC). This cleaning cloth prevents the build up of static charges and helps reduce the possibility of ESD events damaging the computer. The MPC also eliminates the charge that attracts airborne contaminants to the screen. Conductive fibers are woven directly into the cloth. The cloth is washable without losing its conductive properties.

Instructions for Use:

First use may require two or three cleaning procedures to eliminate smudges.

  1. Position the screen facing up and mist the screen with the Aqueous Cleaning Solution from 4–5 inches away. Wait 5–10 seconds. This allows the surfactant time to dissolve any oily residues on the screen.
  2. Gently dry the screen with the anti-static Panther Cloth, turn or refold the cloth, then wipe again. Do not apply pressure or "scrub" the screen. Heavily soiled screens may require several cleanings. The solution is mild and safe for use on the most delicate screens.

Each LSK contains a one-ounce (30ml) bottle of Aqueous Cleaning Solution and an anti-static Panther Cloth which is approximately 10" x 18" (250mm x 450mm). Both items are packaged in a heavy-duty reclosable plastic bag for storage. Made in the U.S.A.

Kinetronics Laptop/Portable DVD Screen Cleaning Kit