Interapid Dial Test Indicator 312B-1 & Magnetic Base Package - 312B-150


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Interapid Dial Test Indicator 312B-1 & Magnetic Base Package 

Interapid Dial Test Indicator

Interapid Horizontal Swiss Test Horizontal Indicator 312B-1


Graduation: .0005"
Capacity: .060"

Point Length: 11/16"
Dial Diameter: 1-1/2"

Interapid, international acclaimed as the finest test indicators, are made in Switzerland to traditional precision and perfection.

  • Inclined dial for easier reading.
  • Exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness.
  • Very light measuring pressure.
  • Ball bearing contact point pivot and jewelled mechanism.
  • Automatic reversing contact point, swivelling through 210º, vertical models 190º.
  • Revolution counter.
  • One piece, solid case for maximum rigidity.
  • Universal swivel stem 5/32" diameter and two dovetails (vertical models one dovetail) for convenient mounting.
  • Includes .080" carbide contact point, metric models 2mm, chrome plated.
  • Complete with contact point wrench in fitted case.

Magnetic Base (Imported)

  • 150 pounds of pulling power.
  • Back rails and bottom surface are surface ground square and paralle to within .001"
  • Base can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally.
  • With fine adjustment.
Dial Test Indicator 312B-1 & Magnetic Base Package