Guardair Blind Hole Vacuum


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Guardair Blind Hole Vacuum - BH4000

Incorporating pneumatic vacuum technology, the Guardair Blind Hole Vacuum is designed to safely and effectively suck up debris normally trapped in blind holes. Eliminates dangerous chip fly-back and extra cleanup generated by simply blowing out debris.

Powered by standard shop compressed air, the BH4000 features a powerful pneumatic vacuum paired with an on-demand, air-agitator that loosens and lifts chips or debris lying deep within crevices or blind holes. The clear-view window ensures precision positioning for maximum performance, and the 5' vacuum hose provides flexible reach.

Capable of mounting on any vertical surface, the versatile Blind Hole Vacuum is equipped with a 5.5 gallon, chemical resistant container and a standard air filter. 3/8" FNPT inlet.


Part Number BH4000
Vacuum Lift (in H2O) 77
Vacuum Flow (cfm) 73
Air Usage (cfm) 21 / 34
Weight 13 lbs.

Replacement Parts:

  • 2000A11 - Attachment/Vacuum Hose Assembly
  • 2000A12 - Air-Agitator/Brush Attachment
  • 2000A04 - 1-1/2" ID X 5' Vacuum Hose Assembly
  • BH4000W - Clear-View Window
  • BH4000AH - Air-Agitator Tube (3 Pack)
  • MV2000F1 - Standard Air Filter
  • MV2000F2 - HEPA Air Filter
  • MV2000EB - Exhaust Bag
  • MV2000G - Lid Gasket
  • MV2000MP - Vertical Mounting Plate