Gromax CNC EDM Drilling Machine - SDNC4030KS


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Gromax CNC EDM Drilling Machine - SDNC4030KS


  • Auto edge finder is standard with this machine.
  • Can do drill production quickly.
  • CAD/CAM generated programs can be downloaded by Ethernet network RS232 or floppy disk.
  • De-ionized water should be used.
  • With online help, it's easy to do programming by G/M code.
  • Linear scale enhances long term operation and excellent accuracy.
  • EDM parameters stored and recall by: type of electrode, size of electrode & material of work piece.
  • Auto Electrode Change (AEC) is possible to adapt on this machine (optional).
  • Multiple coordinate display and full screen display of machining monitor and position.
  • Auto program restart function, middle start, program graphic check function, with graphic and machine bounded.
  • Auto electrode wear compensation--no need to program with electrode wear and guess how much electrode wear is. It automatically measures the electrode wear and compensates into the program.
  • Manual Data Input (MDI) function--after tested the program may save the program as a regular file.
  • Protection function while electrode touch work piece machine will stop.
  • There are 6 coordinates in this system as work piece reference position.

Standard Accessories:

  • Paper filter 10?m (1pc)
  • Ceramic guide 0.5mm, 1.0mm (1ea)
  • Electrode tubes 0.5mm, 1.0mm (40ea)
  • Electrode holder 0.3~3.0mm (1pc)
  • Work light (1pc)
  • Tool kit and tool box (1set)
  • Back up program (1 CD-ROM)

Optional Accessories:

  • Auto filtering system
  • Electrode tubes
  • Guides
  • Keyless chuck 0~1.5mm
  • Keyless chuck 0~3.0mm
  • DRAM memory IC
  • Auto electrode changer 16pcs
  • 4th axis with linear motion
  • 4th axis with rotate function


Model SDNC4030KS
Drill Capacity 0.006"- 0.250"
Table Size 20.6"x12.8"
Max. Work Piece Weight 500 Lbs.
Max. workpiece size 32"x25.5"x27.5"
Table travel 15.75" X 11.75"
Quill Servo Travel (Z1) 13.4"
Motorized Backslide (Z2) 13.84"
Guide Travel (Z3) N/A
Max distance from guide to tabletop 15"
Packing Dimension 2 pc
Weight 3300 lb
Gromax CNC EDM Drilling Machine