Electronic Measuring System with Remote Readout - 20-215-0


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Electronic Measuring System with Remote Readout - 20-215-0

  • User friendly and intuitive Android application for easy process monitoring and setup.
  • 4 Channels—Simultaneous connection of up to four devices (Indicators, Calipers, Micrometers, Probes, etc.) and displays their current measurements on a connected Android tablet. Will work with nearly any gauge that outputs data in Digimatic format or any device that outputs raw quadrature.
  • 7" color display allows viewing one, two or all 4 channels.
  • As a standalone measurement system, the remote display provides a very intuitive and user-friendly way to configure and monitor multiple devices instantly.
  • Programmable auto request, auto log/data collection and ratios.
  • Settings for max., min. and freeze hold in quadrature. Also settings for In./mm and freeze hold in quadrature.
  • Data logging/collection can be saved as a CSV file on micro SD card, e-mail or transfer to PC. Display has built-in micro SD card reader.
  • Connect up to two external data consumers (desktop computer, laptop, PLC, or any generic serial device) over Unit has both RS-232 and USB output jacks. Connecting to a computer or other serial device makes data collection and statistical process control (SPC) simple and easy.
  • Wide supply of voltage - 9V to 24V, with bright LED power lamp. USB power can be used instead of an external AC adapter.

Measuring System Includes:

  • 7" Color Tablet with Preloaded Software
  • Custom Stand
  • AC Adaptor
  • USB Cable
  • Detailed User Manual

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Electronic Measuring System with Remote Readout