Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A)


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Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A)

Plastic Steel® is the original metal-filled epoxy putty used for hundreds of routine maintenance, production, and tooling applications. Patch and repair areas where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible.

Key Features:

  • Bonds to most metals, concrete and some plastics
  • Cures at room temperature and forms a tough durable metallic mass that can be drilled, tapped, machined or painted
  • Excellent resistance to oil, gasoline, water and many chemicals
  • Listed under NSN Stock #8030-00-903-6545; #8030-00-962-4430

# 62-688-7 (Mfg# 10110) - 1 lb.
# 62-689-5 (Mfg# 10120) - 4 lbs.
# 62-690-3 (Mfg# 10130) - 25 lbs.

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