Cyclone DC1500 Standard Duty Dust Collector - DC1500


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Cyclone DC1500 Standard Duty Dust Collector

Model DC1500 Dust Collection System

Cyclone Model DC1500 dust collector is our standard dust collector we include on several of our own sandblast cabinets. For most applications, The DC1500 will be sufficient for removing waste material from a sandblast cabinet while in use, and provide clearer visibility in the workarea.

Cyclone assembles every DC1500 by hand in their own facility, checking each unit for quality and testing the unit prior to shipping. When your unit arrives, a few simple steps leads you to a much cleaner environment and better visibility while using your sandblast cabinet.

The Cyclone Manufacturing Model DC1500 is an excellent addition to any sandblast cabinet. When used properly this unit is capable of extracting aiborne waste material inside a blast cabinet during sandblasting. This allows the user a better opportunity to see their sandblast activity while in use to avoid damagint the workpiece.

The DC1500 is built to last, and under normal use and with proper maintenace there is little downtime with this unit.


  • 90 CFM
  • AC Motor Driven
  • Filter Bag and Prefilter
  • Made in the USA


Overall Height 53"
Diameter 16 1/2"
Hose 6' - 2-1/4" Hose ends
Electrical 110 Volts
Construction Polyethylene plastic construction
Filter Weighted cloth bag / Paper cartridge filter
Weight 25 pounds (Can be shipped by UPS)
Efficiency 90 CFM
Cyclone DC1500 Standard Duty Dust Collector