Baileigh MD-3510 Magnetic Drill Machine - BA9-1227408


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Baileigh MD-3510 Magnetic Drill Machine - BA9-1227408

This economical magnetic drill machine comes with everything you need to get started out of the case. The drill's magnet has a whopping 10,000N of adhesion strength, enabling you to cut at angles that other types of drills can’t manage.

  • Robust single-speed 110-volt industrial motor will offer years of trouble-free productivity.
  • Handles a twist drill capacity of up to .1" and an annular cutter capacity of 1.375"
  • Drill spins at 700 rpm, suitable for most cutting applications.
  • Gravity feed coolant system extends the longevity of the tooling and makes cuts faster and more efficient.
  • Industry standard .75" spindle makes it easy to find compatible tooling.
  • Rigid steel frame with injection molded exterior maintains accuracy and reduces flexing.
  • Heavy duty ABS carrying case helps you transport the drill to job sites.
  • You can count on a 1-year parts warranty, plus lifetime technical support by phone from Baileigh's experienced team.

Recommended for: Fabrication shops or structural steel companies.

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Part Number MD-3510
Stock Number BA9-1227408
Material Thickness 0.59" – 1.96"
Base Size 8.26" x 3.93" x 1.77" (Magnet)
Twist Drill Capacity 1/16" to 1"
Maximum Stroke 5.9"
Cutter Depth 2"
Annular Cutter Capacity 1.37"
Magnetic Adhesion 10000N
No Load RPM 700
Spindle Holder 3/4"
Power 110V
Shipping Weight 38 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 24" x 8" x 19"
Baileigh MD-3510 Magnetic Drill Machine